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Hiya boys and girls, I'm Julie Denner and welcome to my wold and wacky site about my favorite dish and the machine that makes it, called...wait for it...Ice Cream Machine! Has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? :-) On this site, we're going to focus specifically on Ice Cream Machines; the different types and the many brands. We'll talk about reviews, styles of ice cream productions and whether or not a machine is appropriate for home or commercial use. I'll also post some pics to give you an idea of what the different machines look like. I'd like to make this place your source for information on ice cream machines and production equipment. Cheers!

Commercial Ice Cream Machine & Equipment

Planning to open an ice cream shop? Then you will need a commercial ice cream machine. Unlike a home ice cream maker, a commercial ice cream machine will be able to store and produce a lot more ice cream to satisfy a long line of customers. A commercial ice cream machine is best used in a restaurant, a concession stand, or an ice cream shop. Commercial ice cream machines can also be used for a rental business. Many people seek out ice cream machine rentals for use during a kid’s birthday, a corporate event, a fair, school event, and several other gatherings.

Where To Buy A Commercial Ice Cream Machine:
There are several makers of ice cream machines that manufacture and assemble different ice cream machine models that you can choose from. You can buy a commercial ice cream machine online or from the company’s showroom. Several commercial ice cream machines are also being sold on online bidding sites and general merchandise websites such as Amazon. Replacement parts are also available from the manufacturing company and distributors, although sometimes you can also find them from other selling websites. Some well-known commercial ice cream machine manufacturers are Carpigiani and Taylor. These two brands are the leading in their industry. Besides commercial ice cream machine units, these companies also make other ice cream equipment, freezers and supply storage solutions. Their products are of very high quality and their customer service is unmatched.

Is a Commercial Ice Cream Machine Recommended For Home Use?
It would be cool to have an ice cream machine that dispenses soft serve ice cream for you anytime you want, 24/ 7, but the answer to the question above is no. A commercial ice cream machine produces a lot of ice cream. Maybe you are thinking that you can just leave the machine to run and get some ice cream whenever you want. Proper maintenance of a commercial ice cream machine includes it being cleaned daily after use. Plus, operation costs for a commercial ice cream machine can get costly. If you need or prefer an ice cream machine for home use, then you can buy a smaller one. Cuisinart has a range of ice cream makers that are designed for home use.

Commercial ice cream machine and equipment are a good investment. They also come with warranties when bought. If you are looking to buy your own commercial ice cream machine, search about different ones online to compare capabilities, prices and customer reviews and ratings.

Play Ice Cream Games

Want a cool and delicious party game idea that everybody will enjoy? Why not play ice cream games? Ice cream games will surely bring a party to life. Children of all ages can play ice cream games. You can play ice cream games during children’s parties, town fairs, other events or even when there is no occasion and you are just spending some time with. It is especially great idea to play ice cream games during the summer time. It is always fun to play ice cream games at a party.

Some ice cream games are not suitable for very young children in terms of game rules and difficulty. Here are some ice cream games that you can choose from try when hosting your own ice cream party:

-Blind Taste Test:
An even number of participants sit in pairs facing each other, both blindfolded. One person must feed his or her partner several flavors of ice cream that would be given to him by the game host. The taster should not help or assist his or her partner in any way. Every time the taster guesses a flavor right, the pair gets a point. The pair with the most points wins, although a prize can also be given to the pair whose taster has the cleanest face.

-Lucky Ticket:
This is just like a lottery raffle. Every person at the party gets a ticket. Before the event finishes, a ticket will be drawn and the person with the winning ticket will take home an ice cream gift basket. The rest of the tickets can be used to give more prizes away.

-Scavenger Hunt:
Kids will especially love this game. Ziploc several ice cream toppings tiny marshmallows, candy sprinkles, nuts, and more and hide them through out your house or yard. Set a timer and whoever gets the most toppings wins. The winner takes home a gallon of ice cream. The toppings collected may be used by the contestants as toppings for their own ice cream.

Ice cream games are also free to play online.
These are different from party games, of course. These are entertaining single player games and some are even informative and educational. If you are into free online gaming, you should try to play ice cream games online. Children and adults who enjoy playing online cooking games, dress up games, and other free online games can also play ice cream games. There are many websites where you can play ice cream games, so take a break and browse through some. Little girls will love to play ice cream games.