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Hiya boys and girls, I'm Julie Denner and welcome to my wold and wacky site about my favorite dish and the machine that makes it, called...wait for it...Ice Cream Machine! Has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? :-) On this site, we're going to focus specifically on Ice Cream Machines; the different types and the many brands. We'll talk about reviews, styles of ice cream productions and whether or not a machine is appropriate for home or commercial use. I'll also post some pics to give you an idea of what the different machines look like. I'd like to make this place your source for information on ice cream machines and production equipment. Cheers!

Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine

Carpigiani is a very well-known ice cream machine and equipment manufacturer based in Bologna, Italy. The Carpigiani ice cream machine manufacturer started in 1946, producing machines for gourmet gelato or Italian-style ice cream. In the 1960s, Carpigiani started to expand across the globe. Their non-stop development has led the company to success. Today, Carpigiani continues to grow and market not only Carpigiani ice cream machine units, but also other kinds of equipment such as soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes, chocolate and whipped cream, pastry, and slush machines. Carpigiani also has freezing, storage, and display solutions to offer.

Carpigiana is a very successful company that it even has its own gelato university. This Carpigiana Gelato University was founded in 2003 and has been training future gelato entrepreneurs and gelato experts since then. The US, Japan, Australia, England, Africa, Latin America, and even China has Carpigiana branches that offer beginner and advanced courses. If you want to be accepted in this academy you may inquire to any Carpigiani store in your country. Carpigiani Gelato University will help you a successful gelato entrepreneur.

Advantages of Owning A Carpigiani Ice Cream Machine:

1-Guaranteed Quality On Cargpigiani Ice Cream Machine:
A Carpigiani ice cream machine uses only premium components that are safe and easy to use.

2-Good Customer Service:
Carpiagiana ice cream machine sales support service are highly efficient.

3-Easy To Find Spare Parts:
Because Carpigiana is a large, established company, looking for spare parts for your Carpigiani ice cream machine would be a cinch.

4-Carpigiani ice cream Machine Units And Equipment Produce Excellent Quality Products:
Not only does a Carpigiani ice cream machine produce delicious frozen delights; it also ensures that it the products are clean and always safe for consumption.

5-Having a Carpigiani ice cream Machine Produces High profit:
You can get a high return on your investment when using a Carpigiani ice cream machine. Thousands of people in the country consume ice cream everyday, even millions around the world. Everybody loves ice cream!

If you are thinking of running an ice cream shop or an ice cream machine rental business, choose to buy Carpigiani ice cream machine units and equipment. They are of excellent quality and will serve for many years. There are over 500 Carpigiani service centers in their 12 branches worldwide, meaning the customers can expect quality and efficient customer service.

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